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TUKI Browser 10.1

The safest Internet environment for children, protects them from Internet perils
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Children's Educational Network

The TUKI software is a FREE Internet browser created by Children's Educational Network which provides the safest Internet environment for children and protects them from Internet perils including online predators, pornography, violence and drugs.
TUKI offers total protection from Internet perils thanks to CEN's proprietary technology that features a Reverse Filter and an Internet Protection Module. The Reverse Filter allows children to navigate only within a list of pre-approved kid-friendly websites certified by CEN.
The Internet Protection Module allows children to surf the Internet ONLY from their TUKI Browser, eliminating the risk of launching another Internet Browser to surf unprotected. Both features can be disabled ONLY by parents.
Whenever your child wants to access a website that is not included in the CEN list, the TUKI Browser shows a blocking page asking parents to grant access to that page. The TUKI Browser gives total control to parents, and strenghtens the relationship between parents and their children, creating interaction opportunities

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